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Your Reliable Supplier for Electronic Components

- Quality is Non-Negotiable - 

Company Profile

ASC is your global stocking distributor of Electronic Components. Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Florida, USA, we convince with high standard products, quality inspection, great customer service, and 25 years of industry experience. 


With 5 million parts in stock and ready to ship, we serve as a primary supplier for OEM, CMs, and EMS customers around the world. We continue to innovate and develop new ways to surpass our customer's expectations and lead within our industry.


Our mission is to create an easy and accessible component distribution experience for all of our clients.

8 Reasons You Should Partner with Us

Global sourcing specialist

5 million parts in stock & ready to ship

24-48h expedited worldwide delivery services​​

Free quality testing

25 years in business with extensive experience and a successful track record

Net-30 payment terms

$10M insurance on all orders

8 offices worldwide & multilingual workforce

ASC Global supplies a strong variety of electronic components with an excessive stock of 5+million housed.



ASC Global Locations.jpg
ASC's global reach, through 8 offices and currently expanding

Industries Served

ASC Global serves the industries of Automotive, Aviation, Aerospace & Defense, Consumer Electronics, Communications, Energy, Industrial, and Medical
United States
7880 N University Drive, Tamarac, FL 33321
United Kingdom
*Italy Office
coming soon
Zappopan, Jailisco
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