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Component Quality Testing

What ASC Global Provides

Reliable Testing & Analysis

ASC Global offers a wide range of comprehensive, independent component authentication and unparalleled quality testing services that are currently available in the industry. Our quality testing lab is complemented by several third-party testing centers to provide our clients with unbiased, transparent, and top-tier quality testing options. 

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ASC Global introduces innovative proprietary technologies, software, hardware, and analytical testing methodologies. By facilitating testing services through third parties, we can ensure flexibility, enabling more affordable price structures and significantly reduced testing times for our clients. In contrast, competitors still rely on outdated and time-consuming testing methods, which are considerably more expensive.

Testing Options

Our test and analysis capabilities were crafted by seasoned engineers with decades of semiconductor industry experience. We offer cost-effective, best-in-class electrical test services and adhere to AS6081 standards for counterfeit detection. In cooperation with third-party testing labs, we can cover all your testing needs in adherence to industry standards and certifications.

Electrical Testing

  • Digital, linear, ASICs

  • Wafer probing

  • Semiconductors

  • RF and microwave

  • Passive and magnetics

  • Opto-electronics

  • Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR)

Radiation Testing

  • Total dose gamma

  • Neutron Fluence

  • Dose Rate

  • Single Event Environments

Supported Applications:

Aerospace & Defense | Electronics

Medical | Automotive | Satelite

Durable Goods

Environmental Testing

  • Burn-in

  • Temperature cycling

  • Humidity

  • Constant acceleration

  • Data acquisition

  • Highly accelerated stress test (HAST)

  • Thermal shock


Radiographic Testing | Ultrasonic Testing | Penetrant Testing

Additional certifications of our third-party testing labs.




NAS 410 Level 3

AS 9100


Capabilities Overview

ASC’s third-party laboratories, accompanied by our own component test and analysis team, specialize in the evaluation and examination of electronic and mechanical components. The team's expertise extends to a diverse range of components, including hybrids, connectors, cables, harnesses, passive or discrete components, and digital or linear devices. With extensive experience in developing specialized software, our partner testing labs can accurately characterize:

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Integrated Circuits | Encompassing Analog | Digital | Mixed-Signal, Converters | FPGA, and ASICs

Component Evaluation

Pinpointing the root cause of component board-level destruction and failure is complex due to various factors. ASC Global, in cooperation with third-party testing labs, has developed a process to confirm defects and identify the underlying causes. Our focus is on prevention and accountability for future occurrences.

Failure Analysis

  • Radiography (real-time and computed tomography (CT))

  • Infrared thermography (hot spot detection)

  • Infrared thermal mapping

  • Photoemission microscopy

  • Scanning electron microscopy (SEM)

  • Energy Dispersive X-ray analysis

  • C-mode Scanning Acoustic Microscopy (C-SAM)

Destructive Analysis

  • Cross-sectional and metallographic analysis

  • Chemical decapsulation/depotting

  • Mechanical delidding

  • Particle retrieval and analysis

  • Dye penetrant examination

  • Dimensional measurements

  • Photomicrography

  • Die/ball/bump shear, bond pull

Addressing the growing challenge of counterfeit parts in the electronics manufacturing industry, our laboratories possess the necessary qualifications to detect and mitigate counterfeit, remarked, and recycled parts and materials. Leveraging a 25-year parts history database, we compare known parts with their test results to draw conclusions about material integrity, manufacturing methods, and origin.

ASC Global Certified in Counterfeit Parts Program
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