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Bushings transfer loads, mount devices on shafts, and reduce vibration and wear. Specially designed bushings handle different levels of torque and loads. These bushings include keyless, quick disconnect, taper locking, and split taper types. Keyless bushings are used to fasten shafts and hubs without any backlash. They work well with smaller bearings and can be mounted to plain shafts without any oversize discrepancies. Quick disconnect bushings and hubs are simple, easy-to-install bushings used to mount pulleys and sheaves on shafts. They are split to provide strong clamping force and are keyed to prevent the shaft from rotating in the bushing. Taper-locking bushings and hubs feature a flangeless, screw-driven design used in flush-mounting and high-torque applications, while split taper bushings contain a double-split barrel to provide a strong hold on shafts. Split taper bushings do not require a perfectly matching bored component and can accommodate shaft size changes without manual adjustment or replacement.

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